Oh you haven’t heard?  

About my wood?…..Ok, this is the last wood post for a while.

I had my eye on this tree for a while.  Blew down in a windstorm last year.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but thought it could be a candidate for a classical guitar that I want to build from local woods.  Cut two large sections and identified it as Eastern Hemlock.  Quick count on the rings put it around 100 years old.  So I researched Hemlock for guitars and got excited.  Could be a very nice selection for a guitar top.  But I did read that it tends to delaminate between the growth rings.  Then I was less excited.  Lo and behold when I split   one of the logs it was like a tree grew around a tree, split completely around a single ring. I don’t think any of the sections are quite wide enough for a half guitar top.  It would have been perfect if it split all the way through.  But I’m sure I can use it for something.

So, I stacked it and need to regroup.  There may be a section in the other log that will work.  Or maybe further up the tree.  I only cut 6’ of it.

Oh well… my quest for guitar wood continues.


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