Potential reclaimed guitar top

I think I found my guitar top!

While searching for some scrap wood to make racks for my chisels, I found some redwood.  I’d seen little pieces around, but I found the stash of big boards.  Pulled a couple out and saw that there is some that is almost perfectly quarter sawn.  So I got a bit excited, cut off a checked end, rough planed and threw on a quick layer of shellac.  I immediately thought guitar soundboard.

This was in my dad’s pole building.  So I asked him about it.  It was an old fence from the Boy Scout camp down the road which was removed when I was a baby.  So that puts it at about 35 years in storage.  How long it was up, I have no idea.  It’s not local wood as I had hoped for my first guitar, but it sure is nicer than anything I could harvest around here.

One dilemma is the boards are about 7.25” wide.  So at best I can make a 14” wide soundboard, which is about .5” or so less than “standard”.  But my short scale Gibson classical is 13.25” wide.  Do I:  (1) do a true book match top and go as wide as I can and reduce the scale length and other dimensions accordingly?  Or (2) join a couple pieces on to the lower bough and go full size?

Not sure if it matters.  It will be my first attempt at building an acoustic guitar.   Any luthiers out there, advice is welcome!!!


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