Walnut veneer bowtie? Seriously.

I’ve been a recluse for about 9 months now and have been thinking lately that I should probably get out one of these days.  So I got a call this weekend from a friend inviting me to a “party”.  Turns out that its a very exclusive fund raiser in NYC later this week.  When I say exclusive, I mean a star studded, crazy expensive, fund raiser with major label music, food from world famous chefs, gift bags, etc… This in the spotlight kind of thing is not my cup of tea per se, but its probably a once in a lifetime event.  A sponsor of the event couldn’t make it so he gave his seats to his cousin (my friend), who asked if I wanted to go.

It’s black tie.  The invite says “black tie fly”, meaning all the celebrities will be decked out. Being a jeans and t-shirt guy, I don’t have a tux.  I just rented one today but choices are limited out here in the sticks.  Went with traditional, athletic fit, vest and bow tie, all black.

It got me thinking, what could I do to make an Oscar de la Rental tux a bit different or possibly “fly”, if I even have any clue what that could be?  I do like to be different.  I thought a different bow tie would be cool, and obviously, who doesn’t think about walnut burl veneer when they think bow tie?  So I whipped out a prototype.  Its a bit rough.  Still needs a finish.  I guess being a hermit starts doing weird things to your brain…

So… I don’t know if it’s cheesy, tacky, horrible, or if its interesting enough to be OK.  I’ll try it on with the tux and try to pull a bit of the color in somewhere else.  And if I think it sucks, I’ll just go with the standard black bow tie.

We may be the only two non-celebrity/social elite at this event.  Do I try to blend into the background or play it up and be the mysterious new guy?

Any thoughts on all this?


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