I got wood at a christmas party. Not as bad as it sounds. Its mahogany.

Went to a Christmas (or Christpocalypse) party last night at a friends house.  It’s about an hour and a half drive, so thankfully they had a spare room for me, especially knowing the quality of his home brews.  A few months ago the same friend said he was replacing their porch.  I knew the house was old so I asked him to save me a few pieces.  I saw it piled in the basement corner last night, most people would have thrown it out.

For party gifts, I gave him my beer box that I made, got a wheel of my favorite stinky cheese to add to her spread of food,  and demo roasted some some green coffee I brought for them this morning.

Getting ready to leave today, once I got the porch boards outside, I realized they were mahogany.  So I came home with a case of various home brews and a pile of 100+ year old mahogany tongue and groove.    Sweet!

Some people see junk, I see potential guitar neck!


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