Xmas gifts, not quite as last minute as it could be

Couple Xmas presents finished today.  First one:

My 6 year old is into chinese checkers and has a crappy tin one that the marbles won’t stay on, so I made him a wooden one, with checkers on the back and storage underneath. Now he can take the cheap ass tin one to his moms, or whatever he wants.

Laid out the top with a compass and dividers.  The oak, walnut and mulberry are all separate pieces cut to the pattern and glued on a thin backer board.  Same with the checker board on the bottom.  Made a 30-60-90 block for my shooting board to trim the angles.  Got some nice figure on the oak, which was from the rough cut ends of the planks that I used for my bench.  Cedar box insert made from an old fence.  I wrote a special message under the cork bottom.  It will be interesting if he ever sees it, as the insert is glued in.

Disclaimer:  I apologize for my overuse of dovetails lately.  But I’m kind of new to them and I need practice.  Getting a bit better every time I hope.  And the top and bottom panels are dadoed in.


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