Picking paint colors

Warning- probably the first of a bunch of house pics.  Take heed!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest… (not sure if I’ve ever typed “take heed” before)  Cleared a room to make into my new bedroom.  Picked a few samples to try.  I screwed up and painted one twice.  Then I realized the lady at the store mislabeled them too.  Oh well, going for a dark teal or something like that. It’s dark but should look good with gloss white molding and a white ceiling.  Hard to see in pics, but second from the top is the front runner.   I hate the infinite choices of picking paint.  Not to mention, who names the colors?  I’d think I’d like a job like that.  So any paint manufacturers looking for highly inappropriate or suggestive names for their paint, private message me!


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