Future work shop almost ready-


Finally cleared the whole room, minus some art work, speakers and a stereo.  Oh, and the cabinet that is locked and I can’t find the key to.  It’s a cool old bar cabinet, but I’ll probably get rid of it anyway.

Moved 600+ cd’s, not quite alphabetized them, but put them in letter order in another closet.  Also went through two drawers of pictures and a bunch of crap in that built in.  Picked a wall color, just need to clear out old vibes with some new paint.  Waiting for a coat or two and I’ll be ready to start moving my shop in there.  I’ll build a new cabinet for the 70’s Marantz tuner and my turntable and use them with smaller speakers.  My vinyl collection is right in the hallway.  Can’t wait to get back into that.  Found some old classical albums in crates that I forgot about.

When I first moved in this house, this was my bedroom and living room.  It’s on the basement floor.  Then it was a second living room when I moved upstairs and was barely used.  Soon to be a work shop, which I’m super excited for.


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