Martin wood haul- Part 2

This weeks bounty… part 2, the rest of the haul.

This is the rest of the Martin Guitar wood, plus whatever else was there.

Lots of rosewood.  May be some guitar size, but a lot of it is smaller.  There were two stacks of rosewood that I didn’t get.  Found out that they somehow made it to Mya-Moe Ukeleles in Washington state.  I’m sure they will make some beautiful instruments with it.

I would guess most of what I have is India rosewood, but I’m not sure.  There is a lot of it, maybe some is different.  Its beautiful and it makes the whole basement smell good.

There is also a table of various small cherry, oak and mahogany pieces.  Lots of nice wood, many small pieces, but I tend to prefer to make small things anyway.

I just stacked all the tops and backs in a cabinet for now with the other pieces that fit.  Some is too big.  I’ll need to research and try a few things to flatten out the warped pieces, create a storage space, and sticker some of the nice stuff.

So the only thing I lack to start a guitar is brace wood and a fingerboard, though there might be a rosewood piece big enough in there.   Just need to bring the rest of my tools in, finish setting up the shop storage, and make some better lighting.  Then there shouldn’t be any reason I can’t start on a guitar… unless the coffee roaster project gets started first.  I’ll just see what falls into place, as always.


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