Caves under Yuengling brewery- just a pic

Just a random pic I took.
Can’t post something without a pic to accompany. I don’t know if its my perspective on things, but I had an example of what I would call good luck today. Drove 3 hours to a trade show. Went right to the convention center because I couldn’t check into my hotel before 4:00. Hit a lull and decided to try to check in early. Got to my car and saw my tire was really low. Leaned down and heard it hissing air. Decided to make a run for it. Hit a gas station, no air, but added fix a flat. Drove three blocks to the next station. Literally 10 minutes and $15 later, the nail was pulled out of my tire, it was plugged, and I was on my way.
Some people would feel unlucky about a nail in the tire. I feel really lucky. The way I see it, it could have happened on the highway or if I got to my car 10 minutes later, I couldn’t have driven it.
Good stuff.


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