Fence board, yes. Soundboard, maybe.

A bit more on guitar stuff…

Visited Martin Guitar the other day.  I’ve lived about an hour away for almost my whole life, and I finally made it there for a tour.  It was impressive.  Very automated.  I think the most impressive part was the amount of variations of instruments and woods that go through the shop.  Would be interesting to know how they track everything.  Lots of CNCs, lasers and robotics.  That stuff doesn’t impress me much anymore.  Being in manufacturing, I know that that kind of equipment takes the labor out of a process, but also takes the artisanship and individual style out of a product.  Seems like the “soul” that I would expect in an instrument is somehow lacking when it is made by a machine rather than by an individual.  Impressive facility and products non the less.

My friend knows the AR guy at Martin so I brought a couple samples of the wood that I got.  They confirmed it is Adirondack spruce and it is an up charge when they use it for a top.  So I was excited.

I’ve been researching quite a bit lately when I’m not trying to put stuff away and make storage in my shop.  What my dad said offhand was cedar was redwood.  Some say it makes for an interesting guitar top.  So I split a small end of the board to try and read the runout (learning about that).  Took a wild guess and ran it through the plane at a slight angle to see if I could eliminate it.  Then I ripped it in half.  Not too bad considering I tried the first piece I came across.  I think it came out OK.  Slight color variation from side to side, which means a bit of runout.  I may try one of my first guitar tops with this.  Need to add wings to widen it, but I have a bunch, and I won’t be that upset if I make a mistake on it as I would the old Adirondack spruce that I seem to be lucky to have found.

Now on to lumber storage, lighting and humidity control…


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