Starting a guitar, I think this is a start.

Some guitar stuff-

Cut out and put some shellac on my workboard, which means I drew up the shape of my first guitar.  A few things left to complete before its ready to use.

Cut a small end piece of the redwood fence for practice building a soundboard.  Ripped it poorly, as the band saw blade was dull.  But that left me plenty of hand planing to get them to a decent thickness, which is good practice.  Took a while, but I got them to a bit over .125”.  Joined the edges and glued up into a test top.  Once it’s dry I’ll plane to final thickness.  Its big enough for a ukelele top.  I have a cutout from the Martin factory that I’ll probably trace onto it and cut out.  If it turns out OK, I’ll probably just store it and see how the glue joint holds up.  Maybe one day I’ll try a uke with it.


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