Free bandsaw…fixable?

Got distracted from my guitar a bit.  Got the heel block glued on the neck but dreaded cutting it out with a coping saw.  I just can’t seem to keep a coping saw on track and I didn’t want to chance it in a 3” thick piece of mahogany.

We had this old Ridgid bandsaw in storage at work, which I asked them to hold on to.  We had about 6 of them and got rid of them all.  If you read the reviews on these, they are pretty bad. Being free I thought I’d give it a shot.  Brought it home to the dungeon, tried tuning it up and realized the bottom blade guide was broken.  We had a craftsman saw with a bent frame, so I took the bearing guides off which appear to be much nicer.  I was hoping a retrofit would be easy, but not so.  But I think I have it figured out.  Using the top blade guide, I think I just need to move a shaft and make an aluminum adapter block.  At least I hope that will work.

Then back to the guitar…


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