Bandsaw, up and running, for now…

It’s been a band saw kind of day.  Before my work meetings this morning I made an aluminum adapter for my band saw guide.  Used the top guide for a craftsman and made it work on the bottom of this ridgid saw.

It’s been a long time since I used the old bridgeport.  I miss using that kind of equipment.  Probably good that I don’t have one at home or I’d probably end up making my own guitar tuners!  We have a couple old bridgeports and a Haas CNC at work, but I don’t like taking time on them for myself.  This was a quick 1/2 hour project.

Just put it together and it seems to work pretty well.  Oh, and I love when manufacturers mix standard and metric hardware on a piece of equipment! Just wonderful, top shelf attention to detail.


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