Back and side cutting

Saw and resaw were in a tree.  Saw fell out.  Who was left?  Resaw!

I needed to use my dads table saw to make a MDF auxiliary table for my little band saw.  So I figured while I was out there, I would resaw some guitar wood.  My band saw won’t handle 8” cuts.

Changed the blade to a 3/4” rip blade and had at it.  Ripped two sets of walnut backs and sides as well as another set of redwood tops.  They are bookmatched, but are just fanned out in the pics.  There is still enough for one more full set in each board I think.

The walnut is from a rough plank from a tree on my parents property.  The redwood is old fencing.

Took it back and stickered it up in the shop, which is now hovering between 40-50% relative humidity.  Looks like I have enough for two guitars right now.  One set of wood is a bit nicer than the other.  I may just work on two at the same time as was my original plan.


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