Adjustable crosscut fixture

Made a crosscut sled for my bandsaw.  Used it once, then thought about a modification to allow me to cut the two angles I need on my rosette.

Pretty self explanatory.  Additional fence pivots and is held by the slotted arm.  The slotted section locks down with a bolt tapped into the aluminum plate I added.  Then I added two bolt and square nut stops that I can move to set the two angle adjustments that I need to alternate between.  If I wanted it to be really easy, I would have used a thumb screw to hold the slide arm, but I couldn’t wait to go to the hardware store and used what I had.

I used a large drafting protractor this time to set the 30 degree (easy) and 33.75 degree angles I was looking for, which I could actually read on that protractor.

I cut up a few slices for another rosette log.  I think I made them a bit thick, but I think the radius will end up pretty close once they are all joined together.  We will see…


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