Headstock surgery

And todays progress…

Used my aluminum fixture to drill holes for the tuners.  Added shims to center.  Then on to slotting the headstock.

Classic guitar making book calls for drilling two holes and cutting between with a coping saw.  Have I mentioned I hate coping saws?  So I drilled the slots and chiseled them out.  My drill press rig is improvised, but the halogen spot makes it look like headstock surgery.

Test fit the tuners.  The design of the top is ok, kind of an off the cuff sketch.  This is the design for these two, like it or not.  If I make any more, I may change the profile after I put some thought into it.

I like the way the figure on the veneer looks.  I had to wet it to get my veneer tape off and boy did it look nice wet.  Should look great with a finish on it.  Though I fear the finishing part.  Something I was never good at.  My easy oil and wax method isn’t appropriate for these.

Still need to sand.  Only used sandpaper on the profile on the top so far.  Was hoping to finish the heels this weekend, but the hours of sharpening time delayed me a bit.  But it is so nice using sharp tools!


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