Heel carving

Carved my guitar heels.  Was a bit apprehensive, but really enjoyed it.  Used the chisel for 98% of it.  Never really carved anything before, the mahogany was fun.  The laminated neck was actually easier.  The second one had a bit of tear out on the end grain in the stacked heel which I had to smooth with a rasp.

Took a while to figure out how to clamp it properly.  Used the knife I made.  Should have made separate left and right knives with a single bevel, would have worked better.  Oh well, another tool to make if I want.

This is as far as necks are typically carved on a classical guitar before they are attached to the body.  I guess its easier to clamp, etc…  Final neck carving is one of the last steps before finishing.  Heels came out ok so far.  I think they are a bit chunky, but fairly similar in shape.  I only sanded for about 5 minutes, so I know there is more of that to do.  I’ll need to shape more once its on the body as well and I’m not sure how far to take it at this point.  Letting it rest for now.  Other things to work on.


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