Black locust from a fence post and some fuming

Guitar stuff last week…

I decided to use black locust for my fingerboard and bridge.  Cut the rough blanks a month or two ago, yet again, from the old locust post and brought them to the shop to aclimate.  I’ve read that black locust is one of the only North American hardwoods with similar sound to rosewood. So, its got that going for it.

Picked the choice pieces out for two of each and cut down to working dimensions.  I love black locust, but it is light in color, which is not very traditional on guitars, I guess because it gets dirty over time.  However I think a light fingerboard would look pretty good with a redwood top and walnut sides, and I plan to use locust bindings which should pull it all together.

But I figured I’d see if I could darken it, but without simply dying it.  So I tried the ammonia fuming thing again.  Just did some samples.  Locust came out better than the oak I’ve fumed.  I put an oil/wax mixture on one little piece just to see how it looked.

I will probably wait and see how the whole thing looks up until I attach the fingerboard and then decide if I want to fume it or leave it natural.

Ok, got to keep moving on this thing one of these days.


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