Little tools are so cute!

My first home made plane… Isn’t it precious!

Just finished it.  Rosewood sides, not sure what the middle is.  Solid brass drawer pull cut down for the pin.  Didn’t really go off of plans, just figured I’d try.  Test cuts seem to work fine.  May need to tweak a bit later.

This was my first real blade though.  Used 1/2” x 1/8” W1 bar stock.  Cut down, beveled, rough sharpened, heated, quenched, annealed, then final sharpening.

Made it for shaping braces on the soundboard and back of guitars.  So I guess back to that soon…  sometimes I think I subconsciously take on projects just so I can make jigs, fixtures and tools.

So damn cute!  So damn sharp!


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