Made a rosette cutter…

Made a rosette cutter while waiting for glue to dry on my soundboards.

I had made a prototype out of rosewood scraps, but cracked a piece when tightening down the blade, so I made a new one out of aluminum.  Used some bar stock and steel rods.  Just used my drill press, a hack saw, files, and taps and dies.

The blade was a quick HSS one from the reciprocating hack saw blade I’ve been using.  Worked ok, but I’ll make a new one from W1 tool steel, a bit thicker, which I can sharpen to a much better edge.  I set the diameters with a caliper, either adding or subtracting the radius of the pin (.125”) depending on which side of the blade and cutter I measured to.

Tested out on a thin redwood scrap and it worked fairly well.  The outer ring I cut in both directions causing a bit of tear out.  The inner ring I just rotated one direction and it was much cleaner.  Then just a bit of chisel practice.  I think this will work well with a nicer blade with different cutting bevel geometry.  Trial and error so far.

If I only had a little milling machine at home….


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