Last look inside guitar one- closing the box

Last glimpse inside guitar number one.

Lots of little steps to get here.

Added mahogany side braces.  Cut and added reverse kerfed mahogany for the back.  Shaped to a slight angle from below the waist to the heel.  Sanded to a slight dome.  Notched the kerfing to accept the braces.  Cut back the braces and back strip to inside the perimeter.  Then cut the back so there is little overhang to avoid cracking when gluing.

Most important part is reversing the wing nut on the clamp that holds it to the solera.  Thank fully I remembered to do that.  Then dry fit to try out the roping technique. Signed the inside, then glued it up.  It’s a box!

Now I wait.  Guitar number two has side braces and the mahogany kerfing, now I need to do the rest to that one.


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