Binding and butt plate- guitar one

Binding channels on one almost done.  Still need to carry them into the neck and heel.  Not very pretty, but they should clean up a bit and hopefully work ok.  Decided to glue on the butt strip in the mean time.

I must say, this was my least favorite part.  Not very easy, especially when the grain on the top or back likes to be cut in the opposite direction of the sides.  I also realized I need to add purfling to the back, just so I don’t have a walnut on walnut joint.  I should be able to cut enough little strips of locust, I only need 4.  That also requires chiseling out a tiny channel around the back, approximately 1/16” wide, but only about half way through the thickness of the back plates, which is about .040” deep.

I’ll finish the second one by hand too.  Not sure if I would do it again though.


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