Fixture for routing binding

Binding part 2-

I had pre fabricated a jig to cut bindings ledges and added the router when it was delivered Monday.  Bit arrived late yesterday.  This is based on one I saw online.  Router sits underneath the work table, height is adjustable on the router base while the depth is set by a screw moving an adjustable stop.  Some foam I had keeps the guitar up slightly off the router guide, so when cutting you simply push the guitar down and hold against the stop as you turn the guitar.

I thought this design was pretty cool when I saw it.  Easy to make and uses a single cutter as opposed to different bearings to adjust depth.  I’d rather hold the work to the machine than move the machine around the work.  Because the router is stationary, it was easy to put the vacuum right up to it and there was virtually no dust.

Easy to set and took like 5-10 minutes to do the ledges on both sides, two passes for full depth, including changing the settings for depth and height to cut the purfling ledge.  Made a nice cut too.   Very happy with this.

Now its time to catch up on guitar number two.


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