Frustration, I mean french polish.

Calling it a scene on the french polish on guitar number one.  Far from perfect.  This was much different than the easy way out oil and waxes that I always seemed to do.  Realized how much more prep and pore filling I needed to do.  There are spots on this one that wouldn’t look good even under a perfect finish, so I’m gonna call it done for now.  I think its Ok.  I’ll refer to it as “rustic”.

With this experience under my belt, I’ll definitely go back and prep number two better.  It has far fewer “trouble spots” in construction.  With more pore filling and at least a beginners feel for french polishing, hopefully I can get a better finish on that one.

As far as this one goes, I’ll give it a week to cure.  I need to oil the fingerboard during that time.  Then attach the bridge early next week.  Nut work, saddle work, most likely more fret work,  then I can string it up.  Hope it sounds ok, or at least doesn’t implode.


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