Redwood top, looking good.

Ok.  I’m calling the french polish on number 2 done.  I’m fairly happy with this.  The grain and little rays on this redwood is really nice.  Its come a long way from the old fence board.  Shellac curing and oiling the fingerboard for a few days.  I think once I put the bridge on and polish it up it will look good.

Number one is another story.  I wasn’t happy with a few spots on the top and was trying to get them to look nice.  Well… then i put a big scratch in the top with my fingernail.  So… I sanded it down again!  This may have been a blessing because I could correct the spots I didn’t like.  I’m getting close to finishing my third attempt at that top.  If all goes well, just another few sessions and I’ll be done.  It is looking much better already.

I will put the bridge on number one before I try the second one, even though guitar number two briefly pulled ahead in progress.  I can’t wait to be done with these.  Excited to hear how they sound.  Maybe more excited to start something else.

1 thought on “Redwood top, looking good.

  1. Loved reading through this set. I suspect you may not remember but do you happen to know what colour shellac you used on these redwood tops? Very impressed with your builds!


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