Guitar One- Strung up

Well… its alive!  My first acoustic guitar.  Weighs in at 3.25 pounds.  Mad dash to get this strung up today.  Still minor things to do, but I just needed to hear one of these.

Oh and I went with a small simple soundhole sticker, complete with poor penmanship.

Overall, it sounds pretty good to me so far.  Its definitely not dull sounding, which was my other fear besides implosion or something ripping off.  The new strings need to stretch out, and from everything I read, a new guitar will open up significantly within days/weeks when the wood becomes accustomed to the tension.  No fret buzz, though I will lower the action a bit, so we’ll see. The intonation was actually pretty close without adjustment yet.  No weird noises either.  Plus I still need to polish it.

I just finished it up, so I’ll listen a bit more closely tomorrow.

Phew… huge sigh of relief.

Bridge went on number two without a problem, just leaving it clamped overnight.  It should be playable tomorrow.  I hope to get some better pics once they are both completely done.


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