First Guitars- Complete!

Well… they are both done!  My first guitar(s).

I don’t really have a bucket list, but if I did, building a guitar was definitely on it.  So, hypothetically speaking, could I check that off my list twice?

Started these somewhere toward the end of February and finished construction yesterday, June 11th.  So I guess they are Gemini.  Fitting being that they are twins.  Only 9 grams difference in weight.

Accomplished several things I wanted:

-Cut and built every single detail from scratch, from veneers, to rosette, to binding and purfling.

-Used mostly hand tools with the exception of a band saw and a drill press.  Add a router for the binding on number two.

-Finished with french polish.

-Used all found or reclaimed materials.  Only purchased items were the tuners, fret wire and the bone nuts and saddles (and strings).  Maybe add some tool purchases along the way 🙂

-They work.  I think they actually sound pretty good.

I’m sure I’ll make more.  In fact in the near future I’ll be participating in an online build-along through a forum I’ve been posting on.  That build will be modeled after a Gibson OO Nick Lucas model.  I’ll make two.  And I will take my time.  I’ve been obsessed with finishing these.  I need a break, at least for a bit.  I’m sure I’ll get back to other random projects pretty quickly.

Thanks for all the comments, feedback, and encouragement.  I appreciate it!



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