Brooklyn Field Trip

Field trip to Brooklyn. Part of my forced hiatus from the workshop.
Spending a couple nights at my sisters place. A stop at Gramercy Tools and got a few items, luckily its not very retail friendly, or I could have spent a ton. Also stopped at Kremer Pigments in the city. This place is like a mad scientists laboratory. Picked up some shellac among other goodies to play with.
My research into sunburst finishes has taken a bit of a detour and I believe I’m developing a varnish fetish.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Field Trip

  1. I’d be dangerous at Gramercy and a few $$ in my pocket. Still, it might be in my future in about 6 weeks when I have to go to NY. Nice toys there on your table!

    • Just a warning, not an easy place to buy tools in person. If you know what you want, you’ll be fine. Most of the items they have to get from the back. I wanted to play with carving tools. I don’t have any and I thought I could try a bunch while I was there. I just felt bad asking them to go back and grab so many different things. If they had them on display I probably would have walked out with a basic set for a novice carver. Still, they carry great stuff.


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