Sides are caught up to each other…

Second set for the GIbson OOs got its heel and tail blocks, kerfing on the front, a taper on the back, and kerfing on the back… just like the first one.  I kind of had to figure out how to do the taper.  I rough marked it based on depths on the plan, then rough cut, used a piece of MDF on top and tweaked with the plane until it sat flat.


On both, I planed the basswood and cedar even with the sides, making some interesting shavings in the process.

fun shavings

Tried to blend the cedar to match the profile of the basswood on the inside.  Just used a knife so far.  I can clean them up a bit with a scraper and sandpaper.


Still need to add side bracing, which I still need to make.  I’ll glue them next time I need to heat up the hide glue.

Gibson OO twin sides

Not sure what I want to start next.  Could start thicknessing the backs, work on the necks?  I have a set of cherry, plus enough other materials and I’m seriously considering making a third while I’m at it?

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