Days of wine and roses.

test piece home made scribe awww... how cute! prepped scraped rosette three tops in different stages

Actually it was only one day.  No wine.  And rosettes, not roses.  Oh well.

Lots done on the tops today.  To make a long story short… I’ll use bullets.

– thicknessed all my purfling

– made a test rosette channel.  Measured and marked purfling.  Why is it wider?  Changed my purfling.  I could go into it but that would make this already medium length story long.

– Scribed rosette channels

– chiseled them out… wait… is that a mini router plane… awww… how cute!

– Glued one in.

– Glued the second in

– Scraped the first.

– who’s on third?  I guess I will be tomorrow.

That’s all for now… short enough?

3 thoughts on “Days of wine and roses.

      • Usually the drips on my soundboard are sweat from planing, but didn’t have that using the drum sander. Those lutz tops are gorgeous. The adirondack is nice too, but the lutz is a bit nicer. But I can’t complain, the adirondack was $14 bucks a set. Even less if you average out all the other wood I got in the deal.

        The mini router plane is awesome. Its Lee Valley. I got it with this particular application in mind and it works like a champ. I think I got these channels, especially the second two, cleaner than if I would have used a router.

        I did make the circle cutter. Just aluminum bar stock and steel rod. Using a hack saw, drill press and taps and dies. It works very well. I can set the radius with a micrometer by measuring between the blade and the pin. I measure to the inside or outside and either add or subtract half the diameter of the pin depending on which side the blade is facing. I face the blade’s flat part toward the outside of the cut. I’ve been able to adjust it literally to the thousandth by locking the micrometer setting and holding it in position as I lock the set screws. The three rosettes were all slightly different widths just due to the purfling, and a bit of trial and error was needed to add space for glue and swelling of the wood. They range from about .36-.385″ in width. I also opened up the channel by about .005″ each time and the install got progressively easier. One day I’ll remake this cutter using a milling machine and some nicer materials.

        Thanks for the comments.


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