After much rim sanding, cutting, notching and gluing, here are the results.

Three OO shape boxes

Three OO shape boxes

#5 back glued on

Last inside view of #5

Last inside view of #5

Last glimpse inside #4

Last glimpse inside #4

Three boxes done.  My first three steel strings.  Guitar numbers 3,4 & 5.

This is probably all I’ll get done this week.

Next step is trimming backs and tops flush.  Then sanding the sides down nice and even.  Once that is done I can start routing the ledges for purfling and binding, but before that starts I need to figure out what to do with the end grafts.  I have some “interesting” things in mind here for those.  Not sure what  should do, stay simple, or go a bit more complicated.  Maybe I’ll do three different ones.  For some reason I love that little detail work.  Of course I say that now, but it could really be a challenge.  I’m doing side purfling which has to be mitered around the corners, all of which I haven’t done before, then I’m gonna try and do something a bit more wacky?  We’ll see what happens.  Maybe some trial samples will help me decide.

Once past all that, then its on to working on the necks.  Followed by…dun,dun, dun… the dreaded hand cut dovetail neck joint.

Closing the box is kind of a milestone, but there is still so much to do.



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