Mmmmm Pork


Lunch after a morning in the shop.

I’m on a new diet.  This was prescribed my my doctor. It’s one of the best meats I’ve had in the US!  Called peppered bacon and its made not too far from here.  Room temp on toast…Good lord!

Ok, so his doctorate is in music.  But he is a smart man!  He has never led me wrong on music, smoked meats, or beer, so who am I to not follow doctors orders?


Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals.


Just got back from a really cool road trip.  Long drive to AL, but did some really interesting things.

Got a private tour of Fame Studios by the founder, Rick Hall.  Spent about two hours with him and my two friends in his office.  Unbelievable the amount of artists that recorded there and how much music came out of the area.  Met several of the Swampers who recorded with Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, the Rolling Stones, among many others.  Really cool, down to earth and humble considering the kind of things they’ve done.

Saw the Muscle Shoals documentary.  Great film.  Great cinematography.  Half the people in the film were seated at tables around me.  Many of them played in a concert afterwards.  Everyone there was so nice too.

Just one of those opportunities that I feel very fortunate to have had.

Fun fire wood, flames of another sort


Went for some of my shop supplies at my parents place today.  This caught my eye and I picked it out of the fire wood.  Oak with some beautiful figure.  Wish I would have seen the bigger pieces before they made it to the wood pile.

Caves under Yuengling brewery- just a pic


Just a random pic I took.
Can’t post something without a pic to accompany. I don’t know if its my perspective on things, but I had an example of what I would call good luck today. Drove 3 hours to a trade show. Went right to the convention center because I couldn’t check into my hotel before 4:00. Hit a lull and decided to try to check in early. Got to my car and saw my tire was really low. Leaned down and heard it hissing air. Decided to make a run for it. Hit a gas station, no air, but added fix a flat. Drove three blocks to the next station. Literally 10 minutes and $15 later, the nail was pulled out of my tire, it was plugged, and I was on my way.
Some people would feel unlucky about a nail in the tire. I feel really lucky. The way I see it, it could have happened on the highway or if I got to my car 10 minutes later, I couldn’t have driven it.
Good stuff.

My brush with a Hauser Sr.


While I’ve been posting about guitar stuff…

Since I’ve been attempting to play and hopefully make a classical guitar, I’ve been searching for this picture. My friend had a copy he just sent me. I haven’t seen this pic in at least 9 years.

If you believe it, I’m holding a 1939 Hermann Hauser Sr. guitar. It was a 38 or 39, I can’t remember specifically. Look at the figure on that top!

This was on a trip to Germany in March 2002. I’d been there a couple times with my good friend Paul who taught music composition at a university there for a few years. He made a lot of good friends there, mostly musicians. That year our friend Barthold took us to visit his friend. What a house! He owned several Mercedes dealerships, had a doctorate in art of some sort, and was a great musician. It was low key, just a few people having some drinks. After a house tour, he started pulling guitars out of a room and playing them. I was milling around looking at all the art and antiques he had. The 3rd guitar or so, I noticed a huge difference that made me stop and go check out his playing. The sound just filled the room, I had never heard anything like it. Well it was this guitar. After he stopped playing, he told us about the guitar and the crazy story of how he got it. To make it short he had a few Hausers he bought and sold before he found the year he wanted.

I was a bass player, not a guitar player (guess I still am). But I remember it vividly. Wish I knew more about guitars back then to really appreciate what he had. But maybe if I did, I wouldn’t have asked to see it. Probably the finest instrument I will ever hold (definitely the most expensive).

Another weird guitar coincidence, two years ago I went back to Germany for the first time since 2002. This time stayed with another friend Peter who lives in a small village out in the country. Walked a couple doors up the street and saw a workshop in his neighbors window. Next time we were outside Peter introduced me to his neighbor, who builds guitars. It was Michel Brück, who turns out to be a fairly well known classical guitar builder.

Sometimes I just have to shake my head… I don’t know if its luck or what. But I am certainly grateful for all of the things that have come my way.