Fast lamp repair


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Quick 10 minute fix about a week ago.  Had this lamp for a few years.  After multiple attempts to attach the lamp socket after I first bought it, I finally realized that I could solder it. Used the last of … Continue reading

Beer cellar makeover


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Converted an old walk in ice box in my cellar to a beer/wine cellar.  Used old planks from a barn that used to be on my parents property for the shelves.  Refinished an old gas/electric lighting fixture that was in … Continue reading

Thermometer repurposing


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Old pool thermometer turned old-school thermometer.  I needed a thermometer for my beer/wine cellar.  Took a pool thermometer from a box of junk, added some fittings, etc… ended up with a steampunkish fixture.  Nice 1/2 hour project.