Adjustable crosscut fixture


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Made a crosscut sled for my bandsaw.  Used it once, then thought about a modification to allow me to cut the two angles I need on my rosette. Pretty self explanatory.  Additional fence pivots and is held by the slotted arm. … Continue reading

ass/2 rosette attempt


Back to the guitar… test run of my first rosette.

I had glued up a log of walnut and locust strips for my rosette.  I cut 30 and approx. 33 3/4 degree slices by hand with a quick homemade miter box.  Then glued the pieces together into 30 degree segments.  Came out OK, but I think I can do better.

Now that I have a small bandsaw, I made a table and crosscut sled.  Figured I’d try slicing my rosette log with it to see how it would look.

With some fiddling I think I could make these work, but I have about 10” of the log left to play with.  I think I only used about 2” so far.  Now I’ll set up for the cuts on the bandsaw and see if I can get a bit better result.

Once the herringbone part is done, I plan on bordering it with walnut and locust purflings.  I have those rough cut, but need to figure out how to properly thickness them to about .040”-.060” without a drum sander.  Just got some W1 tool steel which I may try making blades with for a scraping fixture.

Log milling fixture for bandsaw


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Yes another wood post… Devised a fixture for cutting lumber on the bandsaw.  Built it last week and finished when the t-slots arrived yesterday.  Its basically a table that attaches to the band saw, with a sled that runs in … Continue reading