Made a rosette cutter…


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Made a rosette cutter while waiting for glue to dry on my soundboards. I had made a prototype out of rosewood scraps, but cracked a piece when tightening down the blade, so I made a new one out of aluminum. … Continue reading

Little tools are so cute!


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My first home made plane… Isn’t it precious! Just finished it.  Rosewood sides, not sure what the middle is.  Solid brass drawer pull cut down for the pin.  Didn’t really go off of plans, just figured I’d try.  Test cuts … Continue reading


Belt buckle-
Inspired by the key belt buckle I posted earlier, I made this one from a metal slitting blade. Plasma cut the top and bottom off and welded the parts I made from 1/8” bar stock to the back. I liked it and wore it… until it made an impression on a few people and was nicknamed “the lacerator” for reasons unknown.