Awesome lead crucible


Cool find today!

This is a cricible/mold set up to cast lead or brass hammer heads around an inserted handle.

We bought a machine shop years ago and there were a bunch of lead dead blow mallets.  We also found a box of steel handles, but could never find the mold for casting the heads. I thought maybe they sand cast them.

I was digging through the maintenance trailer at work today looking for potential parts for my coffee roaster and look what I found!  This was not at all what I expected.  Interesting set up.  The mold is attached to the crucible, which then tilts to pour the metal into the mold. The mold clam shells to insert the hammer handle and then for removal once it is cast.

Really cool.  I was just asking someone if we still have the handles and we do.  I may have to try this out one of these days.


Dirty things organized somewhat neatly-

Here are some of the forge and casting tools that have been in storage at work.  They came from an old machine shop that had huge belt drive lathes.  I could kick myself for some of the things I didn’t grab when I had the chance.  Oh well…  at least I have some tongs, hardy tools and fuller heads.  There are a couple casting crucibles and ingot trays.  Those trays are cool!  There are 6 of them and they weigh about 15 pounds each.  

So I have a few things to start on my metalworking adventure one of these days.