Soundboard progress


Today’s progress…

Laid out, fit, and glued the pads and fan braces to the second soundboard.  Carved the braces on the first.  Just a chisel seems to be the way to go and the hemlock carved really nicely.  Back hurts from hunching over and carving this morning.  Came back to finish up tonight and figured out a much better method.  I think the second one will be easier.

Heel carving


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Carved my guitar heels.  Was a bit apprehensive, but really enjoyed it.  Used the chisel for 98% of it.  Never really carved anything before, the mahogany was fun.  The laminated neck was actually easier.  The second one had a bit … Continue reading

Headstock surgery


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And todays progress… Used my aluminum fixture to drill holes for the tuners.  Added shims to center.  Then on to slotting the headstock. Classic guitar making book calls for drilling two holes and cutting between with a coping saw.  Have … Continue reading

A workout… with chisels


My god!  Hours of sharpening.  Now I know why I was procrastinating.  These are all antique shop finds.  So I went from grinding wheel, to diamond plate, to 1000 & 3000 water stones.  Flattening the backs of these was a bitch!  But hopefully I won’t have to do that again for a long, long time.  Only did 5.  But I worked on the others before, so hopefully they won’t be as bad.  Not sure how old these are, but I would guess they’ve never been this sharp.

Damn my arms are sore!