Coffee and some nonsense


It’s time for another episode of coffee talk, with your host…dB.

I think it’s gonna be a long day.  I woke up at 2:00am (bed at 11:30), and could not fall back to sleep no matter what I tried.  One of those times my mind was racing over several things;  from designing and fabricating a coffee roaster in my mind, to new workshop layout and fixtures, to room layouts and paint colors… oh boy.

So I finally got up at 3:30.  Worked on a spreadsheet and write up for a potential new business venture for a while.  Made an early breakfast of cheese, butter, cucumber, avocado and sesame salt on toast.  Finally made my first pot of coffee at about 5:00.  Got a chemex from my sister for Christmas.  Really enjoying it.  Guess its been over a week now.  I think I can taste the subtleties a bit more when compared to the french press I’ve used for about 12 years.  I sound like a coffee snob, truth is I’ll drink gas station coffee, and quite often do.  But I do like the roasting thing.  I’ve stove-top roasted so damn many beans for Xmas presents, I guess that’s why building a roaster has been on my mind more than usual, though I’ve been planning one for about a year now.  Had a friend who wanted to buy my coffee, but I can barely keep up with my own habit at this point.

Well, today will either bring a nap, or several more pots of coffee, maybe both.  Ok, off to work.

Now discuss…


A few things I’ve been thinking about thinking about… and the picture has nothing to do with the post.  Part of a machine at an old shoe factory.  The lighting was good and the shot came out OK on my phone.

So, I’ve been planning a few larger projects/adventures lately.  Before I just start posting random pics that appear completely haphazard, I figured I would lay out some things that are on my radar.  Or maybe the my posts will make less sense than they would have if I said nothing… because I’ll probably work on all of this and other little projects at the same time.  It just seems to be the way i do things, work on a dozen things in my head while I’m doing two or three with my hands.

To do list of bigger things-not necessarily in this order:

Blacksmithing- Something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.  I have some old tools that have been in storage at work for years.  After talking about metalwork with someone I met for the first time, I was given an anvil.  I haven’t seen it, but apparently made its way from Alaska.  I need to pick it up soon, a 3 1/2 hour drive from here in upstate NY.  Planning a coal forge, but have parts for a gas forge.  Not sure what I’ll make other than hot metal.

Coffee Roaster-  tabletop mini drum roaster.  I have a bunch of the parts including the drum, motors, exhaust fan, and a burner (unless I decide to make my own).  I have the layout in my head and may or may not lay it out in the computer.  This will just take a bunch of time to fabricate.

Classical Guitar- build 2 classical guitars.  One from locally sourced or found wood and one from decent tone woods.  My reasoning is, if I do both at the same time, I can practice each step on the inexpensive (free) woods first and hopefully do a better job with the nice tone woods.  This one may take a while to gather materials and start.  

Well that’s my story.  I may or may not stick to it.  Feel free to comment or to pass on any advice.  If you made it this far… Thanks!