Work Bench II… the sequel…



In a world, where one work bench isn’t enough… there lurks another.  Across the room, in the shadows…it sits and waits.  It’s jaws ready to clamp on whatever passes by… Work Bench II… coming soon… to a shop near…me?

Ok, seriously, even though that was awesome and I could have gone on, I finished my other work bench today.  Just added some aluminum facing, a shelf underneath and some bracing.  Hope to be moving this, the wood bench and a lot of my stuff into my shop sometime next week.

Things are moving.  Music room has been repainted.  New bedroom, repainted.  Workshop is next.  I’ll post some pics of that stuff once I get things back in.  Loving all the changes and new colors so far.

Picking paint colors


Warning- probably the first of a bunch of house pics.  Take heed!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest… (not sure if I’ve ever typed “take heed” before)  Cleared a room to make into my new bedroom.  Picked a few samples to try.  I screwed up and painted one twice.  Then I realized the lady at the store mislabeled them too.  Oh well, going for a dark teal or something like that. It’s dark but should look good with gloss white molding and a white ceiling.  Hard to see in pics, but second from the top is the front runner.   I hate the infinite choices of picking paint.  Not to mention, who names the colors?  I’d think I’d like a job like that.  So any paint manufacturers looking for highly inappropriate or suggestive names for their paint, private message me!