Guitar back mit braces glued on


I spared everyone the layout and clamping process this time.

Backs are looking good.  Hope to have the braces carved down tomorrow.  I like the walnut with the redwood center strip.  The braces are mahogany from a porch, which you can see on the untouched exposed side, but they will finish up nicely.  I think a bit of shellac just on the braces and back strip once they are carved and sanded.

Then on to the sides.  Bending them on a hot pipe should be an adventure, that is after a lot of planing to thickness.

Heel carving


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Carved my guitar heels.  Was a bit apprehensive, but really enjoyed it.  Used the chisel for 98% of it.  Never really carved anything before, the mahogany was fun.  The laminated neck was actually easier.  The second one had a bit … Continue reading