Tuner drilling fixture


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After my sharpening marathon last night I needed a break.  But I can’t sit down for long, so I unwound with some aluminum. Bought and received two different kinds of tuners for my guitar(s).  Took measurements and made a jig for drilling … Continue reading

My new toy…



All cleaned up.  After a bit of research, I know it’s a Fisher Norris anvil.  Still haven’t weighed it.  Cut an oak stump for it and pinned it down.

My first attempt at a gas forge using a big propane nozzle I had didn’t work very well.  Not enough air flow I think.  So I either build a new nozzle or fire up some coal.

I’ll figure it out one of these days in between wood shop projects.


I cut down a friends almost dead apple tree yesterday. I wanted to split some of it to see if it will dry better. So I made a couple riving froes today. Just some steel bar stock welded to pipe nipples. Turned the big handle and used another handle I had. Heated to cherry in the wood stove and oil hardened the blades. FYI oil harden outside, I knew it was going to flame up but wow what a stench in the shop. Maybe after it dries I’ll have some useable apple wood for tool handles.

Making another lamp


Current lamp project.  Here are a few parts, mostly found items.  Hopefully will complete it soon.  I’m excited about this one.  Found some killer knob and tube switches in my basement that I am using on this and another project.

Steel pegboard


Steel pegboard I designed and installed in my office.  Punched and bent them at work. They are the same part, just inverted the center one. Drew these up about 10 years ago and never made them for the hallway at home where I originally planned to hang them.  We’ve now added similar ones to a few other offices at work.  I love having access to CNC and metal bending equipment.