Finished the desk.  A collaboration with my father, as it’s for his home office.  Nice slab walnut from my parents property.  Fabricated the legs from round stock, then welded to a mounting plate.  Made the drawer and slides from walnut.  Even hand dovetailed the drawer for practice (I need it…).  Simple oil finish.  I’ll need to get a better picture, unfortunately the well lit windowsill that I use for small stuff won’t work for this.

Fast lamp repair


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Quick 10 minute fix about a week ago.  Had this lamp for a few years.  After multiple attempts to attach the lamp socket after I first bought it, I finally realized that I could solder it. Used the last of … Continue reading

Steel pegboard


Steel pegboard I designed and installed in my office.  Punched and bent them at work. They are the same part, just inverted the center one. Drew these up about 10 years ago and never made them for the hallway at home where I originally planned to hang them.  We’ve now added similar ones to a few other offices at work.  I love having access to CNC and metal bending equipment.