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I just migrated my blog to this site.  There is a ton of housekeeping and organization that needs to happen now, tags to clean up, posts to be categorized, etc…

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Thanks… Management (aka Dave)

Most of my hand tool storage. My take on a french cleat.


Workshop getting closer.  Added some more lighting.  Finished storage for most of my tools.  I need to find the doors in the basement and put them back on. Working on some wood racks in the other room, which is stacked with stuff, as are my cabinets.  Then I can get down to working on something other than the shop.

Putting racks in the dungeon


Fabricated and installed the aluminum rails on 3 walls in my shop.  Bent up a bunch of hanging brackets as well.  3/4” material sits right against the wall when padded with 1/16” of  felt.  All my walls are stone or brick so installing is a pain, but now I can put anything up on these.  Hung a couple things so far, much more to go.

file/magazine rack from scrap


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Folder Holder from reclaimed scrap. We make thousands of these punch outs every year. They are too small for most parts we make, so we recycle them. I needed a place to hold folders on my desk. Added a couple … Continue reading

Steel pegboard


Steel pegboard I designed and installed in my office.  Punched and bent them at work. They are the same part, just inverted the center one. Drew these up about 10 years ago and never made them for the hallway at home where I originally planned to hang them.  We’ve now added similar ones to a few other offices at work.  I love having access to CNC and metal bending equipment.