First Guitars- Complete!


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Well… they are both done!  My first guitar(s). I don’t really have a bucket list, but if I did, building a guitar was definitely on it.  So, hypothetically speaking, could I check that off my list twice? Started these somewhere … Continue reading

Gluing up the plates


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More progress… Picked through my redwood tops and walnut backs, then traced a basic profile trying to avoid any undesirable spots. Used the shooting board and joined the soundboards.  They aren’t quite wide enough, so once the glue cured, I … Continue reading

I got wood at a christmas party. Not as bad as it sounds. Its mahogany.


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Went to a Christmas (or Christpocalypse) party last night at a friends house.  It’s about an hour and a half drive, so thankfully they had a spare room for me, especially knowing the quality of his home brews.  A few months ago … Continue reading


Rustic beer box.

My first hand cut dovetails and dados.  No mechanical fasteners, just a bit of hide glue for piece of mind.  Reclaimed wood from a fallen barn on my parents property from 30+ years ago.  Finished with shellac on the outside and oil inside.  I left the outer boards at full dimension not knowing how it would turn out.  I think I would make the sides a bit shorter if I make any more (I like to see a little bit of the label).  

Contents shown: Rodenbach- Grand Cru, Unibroue- Terrible, Jolly Pumpkin La Roja, Dogfish Head- Theobroma 2008

file/magazine rack from scrap


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Folder Holder from reclaimed scrap. We make thousands of these punch outs every year. They are too small for most parts we make, so we recycle them. I needed a place to hold folders on my desk. Added a couple … Continue reading