First rosette in first soundboard


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Phew!  One rosette in.  Just a bit more to clean up, mostly with the scraper.  A couple little chips in the mosaic I need to fill.  Pretty pleased so far.  I was a bit worried as my purfling is cut … Continue reading

Thickness planing backs and tops


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Prior plans of planing proceeding presently! Two redwood tops close to final thickness at around .105”-.110”.  I’ll scrape more after the rosettes are installed. One walnut back getting close and one more that hasn’t been started yet. Some areas of these were … Continue reading

Peghead veneer


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More guitar progress… over the past week. Used the band saw to cut some veneer slices off of a figured part of the big walnut board.  Book matched and scraped flat to about .050” for headstock veneers.  Clamped and laminated … Continue reading