Working my way towards a finish



IMG_7719 IMG_7732

Masked off the two flamed maple guitars for stain.  Opposite color schemes for these.


Used a homemade walnut stain I made last fall.  Dark back and sides on one, dark bindings on the other.



Added a couple coats of boiled linseed oil/turpentine mix to help accent the figure, careful to mask off the top and neck.

I have the neck on the third guitar, but I’m not happy with how it seated.  I may remove it and reset it.  I guess I’ll get a bit of experience steaming apart a neck joint.  Hope to get that done soon and the neck back on with a nicer fit.

Then on to shellac sealing, fretting, bridge making and the lacquer finish.

Pore filling guitar two


Wash coat of shellac on guitar two. Started filling the pores on the back and sides. Going better than the first. Of course I went over this one in much more detail before I started.
One more pore fill session (I hope) then I can start to polish. The grain on this soundboard is much nicer too. Lots of tiny medullary rays that I hope will show up nicely.

Pore filling with pumice


Slowly getting the hang of the pumice pore filling. That and trying to fix every imperfection that is now quite apparent.
Still some work to do on the filling. Played with the French polish a bit in spots. That will take some trial and error too. This will be a long process.
Yard work and planning some minor shop upgrades to break the monotony. Also scoping out some wood and working up details for the next guitar.