Soundboard progress


Today’s progress…

Laid out, fit, and glued the pads and fan braces to the second soundboard.  Carved the braces on the first.  Just a chisel seems to be the way to go and the hemlock carved really nicely.  Back hurts from hunching over and carving this morning.  Came back to finish up tonight and figured out a much better method.  I think the second one will be easier.

First rosette in first soundboard


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Phew!  One rosette in.  Just a bit more to clean up, mostly with the scraper.  A couple little chips in the mosaic I need to fill.  Pretty pleased so far.  I was a bit worried as my purfling is cut … Continue reading

Backs and sides ready for more work


Starting to look like something other than stacks of wood. Redwood soundboards and walnut backs all glued up and cut out. Started to plane to thickness, but progress derailed for a couple days by a stomach bug. Yuck! I haven’t been sick in years. Oh well.
Luckily I feel well enough to play bass on a gig tonight that my friends booked.
I’ll be back at the guitar soon.