Victorian/Modern standing lamp


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Standing Lamp.  Made from a old rusty stand that was in my house when I bought it. White acrylic shade from cut off scrap sheet we used for a trade show.  Fabricated the shade pieces, metal top, switch, etc…  Can’t … Continue reading

file/magazine rack from scrap


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Folder Holder from reclaimed scrap. We make thousands of these punch outs every year. They are too small for most parts we make, so we recycle them. I needed a place to hold folders on my desk. Added a couple … Continue reading

Calibrator lamp


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Just finished this lamp.  Started with a calibrator for plastic tube extrusion (stacked rings).  Added a knob and tube switch from my basement.  Walnut base from a tree that grew on my parents property.  Great socket from another fixture at my house.  … Continue reading

Making another lamp


Current lamp project.  Here are a few parts, mostly found items.  Hopefully will complete it soon.  I’m excited about this one.  Found some killer knob and tube switches in my basement that I am using on this and another project.

Task lamp


My latest finished lamp.  Misc parts from a shoe factory.  The bakolite lamp socket was broken, took some thought, but retrofit with a g4 lamp base which happened to just fit inside the socket.  Love that cloth covered cord.  I just bought more in two colors for upcomming projects.