More vintage stuff


Score 1 for the maintenance supervisor!

Maintenance supervisor at work gave me this vintage bottle and a bottle of absinthe at our Xmas party.  Super cool bottle that he said came from an old pharmacy.  He’s always giving me old stuff that he finds.  Guess he knows I appreciate that kind of thing more than most.  Absinthe is cool too, but I rarely drink anymore, so that will be in the liquor cabinet for some time, while the vintage soda bottle sits on display in the kitchen.


Maybe I over did it in celebrating national coffee day, but I was feeling creative. Decided to repurpose this old suitcase I found in the trash a while back. I thought it would make a great vessel for carrying my necessities when I travel. It sure beats tying everything up in a shirt and carrying it on a stick over my shoulder like I’ve been doing.

Beer cellar makeover


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Converted an old walk in ice box in my cellar to a beer/wine cellar.  Used old planks from a barn that used to be on my parents property for the shelves.  Refinished an old gas/electric lighting fixture that was in … Continue reading