Work Bench II… the sequel…



In a world, where one work bench isn’t enough… there lurks another.  Across the room, in the shadows…it sits and waits.  It’s jaws ready to clamp on whatever passes by… Work Bench II… coming soon… to a shop near…me?

Ok, seriously, even though that was awesome and I could have gone on, I finished my other work bench today.  Just added some aluminum facing, a shelf underneath and some bracing.  Hope to be moving this, the wood bench and a lot of my stuff into my shop sometime next week.

Things are moving.  Music room has been repainted.  New bedroom, repainted.  Workshop is next.  I’ll post some pics of that stuff once I get things back in.  Loving all the changes and new colors so far.


Workbench… getting close.  Made the vise face and mounted the vise.  Made a walnut endcap with slots for holding tools that are in use.  I’ll add a plane stop to that side as well.  Working on the other end now, which I decided to fabricate and incorporate a twin screw vise.  After that I’ll drill the holes in the top and face for the hold downs.  Waiting for my industrial ammonia to fume the oak.  Then an oil finish.